When the romance has gone.

So a week after valentines day and all the romance is dead again. Here are a few songs to help rekindle that spark back.

Not all are for your bedroom playlist but most will help contribute to getting you in the mood for some passion.


Take the CHANCE

James Blake is a real dark character, but my god does he have a few good tracks. Life Round Here has such an intensive build up, it can actually take you where you didn’t expect once Chance the Rapper kicks in. You find yourself wanting Chance The Rapper to come back one more time, then its over, but yet still leaving you satisfied.

All the appropriate background noises such as screaming and the sirens contribute to the atmosphere of the song. The song is only around 3.10 seconds but hey it does the job.

The vibration of the base when played loud is phenomenal (go on! I dare ya) but you better SAVE YOURSELF FIRST before the neighbours complain.

But before you press play. WATCH IT WITH YOUR EYES CLOSED FIRST. As I feel the video will distract you and then watch it again with your eyes open.


I am not, I REPEAT, I’m NOT a Justin fan, but Chance the Rapper makes the song with his flow. I’m not gonna say anymore but just wait for him and sorry for the next 6 minutes but just watch anyway. It wont hurt.

This last one is just a bit of fun for ya. If this is you on a drunken night after having some juice, then my advice is book an appointment with ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS……

Summertime sometimes

I thought I would share Billy Stewarts summertime. I recently came across this song, at my daughters dance show and was able to sharzam it.

I get myself all excited and start dancing like I’m from the 60s with this song. Do me Bon Jovis 80s dance move (which actually works with the song thank you very much!!) But if your not a dancer, I bet your gonna have a foot tapping or a finger clicking somewhere along the way. leave a comment if you did, Lol.

Well seen as the mornings over this weekend have been so bright and beautiful and Monday is soon here, I thought I would share! I just love a golden oldie.

Lets take it back!

Well we all know B.o.B by now. But do you know him like this?

This song was the first I heard from him, which was on a mixed tap a few years back.

He trapped me with the tribe called quest beat, to then draw me in further with his catchy melody ‘come on!!! you got to put me on’. This track was done for Reebok Classics, but I didn’t have time to research and TBH I don’t really care. But all I know is that this tune was on repeat a few years back and I haven’t loved any other B.o.b song since.

Hmmmmm u wonder why?
Ok I’ll tell you! Since that mixed tape came out, I aint heard a B.o.B song like it since.. And deep down I was scared that this would happen.
Its the same old story. I find a yellow mellow rapper, that I can proper kick back with and bobs your uncle, by the time the new album gets released that original flex that I fell in love with has gone.

Don’t get me wrong! I aint saying he’s now rubbish. I just love that old school, chillin with the tune vibe, that this song gave me.

But anyways! Enjoy, I’ve taken you back and if you aint heard it. Here you new sunday track thats gonna be on repeat.


KAYTRANADA is in town.

You know what! I can’t even pronounce his name, but all I know is this man can drop a bad ass bitch beat.

Born in Haiti and brought up in Canada, Kaytranadas real name is Kevin Celestin and is now based in the US, but his beats are filling many souls all over the world. I accidently came across him via a SoundCloud search and I actually can’t get enough of him.

This is the man that is making tracks better than the originals, but the fact this guy consistently improves a tune on a regular basis amazes me. He has remixed songs from the likes of Janet Jackson, Teedra Mosses, Disclosure, Azealia Banks and more and will switch it up for you, till you have to seek him out.

With tracks having a full makeover or just what the tune missed in its original state and didn’t even realise what was missing until we hear his version, you’re in for a right treat. The beats are so varied and works with the songs so well and doesn’t take away any attention from the lyrics or melody.