KAYTRANADA is in town.

You know what! I can’t even pronounce his name, but all I know is this man can drop a bad ass bitch beat.

Born in Haiti and brought up in Canada, Kaytranadas real name is Kevin Celestin and is now based in the US, but his beats are filling many souls all over the world. I accidently came across him via a SoundCloud search and I actually can’t get enough of him.

This is the man that is making tracks better than the originals, but the fact this guy consistently improves a tune on a regular basis amazes me. He has remixed songs from the likes of Janet Jackson, Teedra Mosses, Disclosure, Azealia Banks and more and will switch it up for you, till you have to seek him out.

With tracks having a full makeover or just what the tune missed in its original state and didn’t even realise what was missing until we hear his version, you’re in for a right treat. The beats are so varied and works with the songs so well and doesn’t take away any attention from the lyrics or melody.


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