Take the CHANCE

James Blake is a real dark character, but my god does he have a few good tracks. Life Round Here has such an intensive build up, it can actually take you where you didn’t expect once Chance the Rapper kicks in. You find yourself wanting Chance The Rapper to come back one more time, then its over, but yet still leaving you satisfied.

All the appropriate background noises such as screaming and the sirens contribute to the atmosphere of the song. The song is only around 3.10 seconds but hey it does the job.

The vibration of the base when played loud is phenomenal (go on! I dare ya) but you better SAVE YOURSELF FIRST before the neighbours complain.

But before you press play. WATCH IT WITH YOUR EYES CLOSED FIRST. As I feel the video will distract you and then watch it again with your eyes open.


I am not, I REPEAT, I’m NOT a Justin fan, but Chance the Rapper makes the song with his flow. I’m not gonna say anymore but just wait for him and sorry for the next 6 minutes but just watch anyway. It wont hurt.

This last one is just a bit of fun for ya. If this is you on a drunken night after having some juice, then my advice is book an appointment with ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS……


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